RC Climate

We invest globally in software powering the New Climate Economy

US-centric, plus emerging markets
b2b enterprise-grade software-centric adaptation tech
~$5m microfund


  • Philosophy: 
    • A mass convergence of top-tier talent and capital is catalyzing a climate goldrush
    • The adaptation side is where we’ll see the biggest software-centric winners
    • There will be ubiquitous picks-and-shovels unicorns powering this next chapter — the best venture returns will be generated by enterprise-grade B2B commerciality
    • Unique top-of-the-funnel access is our alpha, powered by a global grassroots community of strategic LPs, venture partners and co-investors — we see everything in emerging markets and know how to win, where.
  • Process:
    • This is NOT an impact fund — we are a financials-first, market rate return fund
    • We are NOT chasing carbon market multiples — offset revenue may become a cherry on top, but cannot drive the entire commercial strategy
    • We do NOT fund venture educations — we back 2nd+ -time founders with deep sector expertise and the ability to attract the best teams, funds, partners and customers
    • We like hardware, but love software — hardware is ideally the wedge, with recurring revenue generated by IP-heavy software
  • People:
    • We are a collaborative and curious team, driven by humility, passion and humor
    • Our GPs have been investing and operating in emerging markets for a decade+; you can read more about Hayden and Kyane.
    • Our venture partners are climate founders on-the-ground, from Mexico City to Nairobi, Cape Town and beyond; interested VPs can apply here.


  • Eli: streamlining rebates, tax credits, and financing for electrification projects
  • Stealth: universal battery solution for the electrification of all commercial vehicles
  • Fleet: AIpowered mobility solution powering the next generation of commuting.
  • Goodlynx: energy tax credit marketplace tapping into a $40bn+ nascent market
  • Amini: the single-source for African environmental data.
  • Circadian: energy management software for African developers and tower operators.
  • Solfium: the leading C&I solar financing marketplace in Mexico.

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