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Rally Cap is the premier emerging market fintech fund and collective, powering super founders with strategic capital. Fueled by a collaborative community of fintech angel operators and top-tier global funds, we are crafting a portfolio of exceptional teams building the next generation of financial services. You can read more in our recent TechCrunch coverage here.

Our Formula:

We 💛 Emerging Markets

We are life-long believers in inclusive financial innovation — and the globalizing convergence of cloud, mobile and data technologies, harnessed by a generation of digitally-native founders, has set the stage for true fintech revolution from CDMX to Lagos, Cairo, Karachi and beyond.

Our LPs represent over 30 countries — 55%+ are outside the US — and have founded, scaled and sold businesses across the globe.

We ❤️ APIs, SaaS & Platforms

RaliCap invests in foundational fintech infrastructure -- the data, payment and communication startups accelerating scalable, multi-market financial services.

We’re thesis-driven, focused on infra APIs growing TAMs, driving scale and enabling multi-market expansion.

While the nascency of emerging market ecosystems creates compounding TAM :: CAC :: LTV challenges for consumer- & merchant-facing applications, B2B startups are disrupting these dynamics and laying the rails for profitable, inclusive and sustainable financial ecosystems.

We’re guided by the wisdom of Emeka Ajene:

“...investors in (emerging) markets are most likely to find success if they concentrate on ventures that: build basic or alternative infrastructure; organize and integrate fragmented markets; minimize transaction costs & friction; enable entrepreneurship & economic empowerment; or create entirely new markets.”
We 💚 Collaboration

Combining capital, operating expertise and venture capital networks into a collaborative investment community, RaliCap empowers a portfolio of top-tier founders building the next generation of emerging market financial services.

Early capital has outsized impact on founders’ journeys and our hands-on model is designed to optimize portfolio success. As founders and operators ourselves, we know how to launch, raise, scale, hire and win — and we put our founders at the center of everything we do.

Portfolio Highlights:

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